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Clinica El Ayudante is a start up clinic in Honduras. They wish to spread the word of Jesus Christ and heal those not fortunate enough to afford health care. They have very few funds and they need all the help they can get. In order to help we need to raise money to send them the supplies they need to properly care for their community. 

Our plan is to develop donation teams and raise $75,000 by Spring 2016. We need to develop 12-15 teams that raise at least $5000 each. By raising $75,000, we will be able to send four 40-ft containers to this clinic that is in dire need for as many supplies as they can get. That is $800,000 worth of products! The fundraising will begin Fall 2015 and will continue until our Spring Event, where we can see the 40-ft shipping containers being sent to Honduras!
The link above is a list of all the supplies Clinica El Ayudante is hoping that will be donated to them. Even at a quick glance it is apparent that the clinic needs a lot of help. Any donation is progress towards our goal.

Any help can make a difference in so many lives.


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